Family owned with decades of experience, we are passionate about caring for people.

About our vision:

Clove Press LTD. was started in 2005 with the idea that Lauren’s research and work in activities for eldercare could be shared in books. It started with publishing Chasing Dragonflies in 2007. Two other books followed (Roses Grow in a Butterfly Garden and Telmia). The latest book which is filled with stories and ideas is a useful guide for activity directors; it is available free on our main page – Eldercare Story-Share. We also design artwork and photos for eldercare facilities and activities, like 5 Big Hints. With Lauren’s background in research we developed a series of podcasts on how to make a good research project and what it takes to get it published in a top tier journal. This is an area where we go outside of what we are known for, Aging & Activities, but it fits with our goal to help older adults, eldercare professionals, and researchers, alike.


Here at Clove Press we have a passion for improving lives. We have lots of high quality resources in this field that include games, books, with many more to come.


On our site you will find exquisite artwork in many different forms including drawings, photography, and sculpted strata visions that look great in any home or workplace.


We are very excited to bring our knowledge to you in our latest podcasts, “the Good Research podcast.” Lauren Seifert has over 25 years of experience in research. The podcasts will help you lay a foundation for your own good  research.


About Lauren, Supervising Editor and Author: Dr. Lauren Smerglia Seifert received her Doctorate in Psychology from The Ohio State University; she is a tenured professor at Malone University where she started research in Alzheimer’s disease and activities for elders. She has published 3 books and over 50 articles and reviews in many journals. Her new podcast  “Good Research” is available here and on many podcast providers.

About Virginia, Author: Virginia Smerglia received her Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Akron. Her work focuses on caregiving for older family members. She brings over 25 years of teaching and research experience to Clove Press, and she was trained by noted gerontologist, Charles Baressi. Virginia’s insights about families and aging are valuable and guiding.

About Charles, Creative Director: Charles Seifert, His desire to take photographs goes as far back as when he could first pick up his mother’s camera. He chose a new SLR camera over a class ring as a gift from his parents when he was 16 years old. He began drawing in colored pencil back in 2003 and has not stopped. His work has been featured at a leadership conference at the American Psychological Association (2007) and in galleries. It also adorns the pages of Virginia’s and Lauren’s books.  He has created a new form of art call Sculpted Strata Visions. Check out the samples on the Clove Press ART tab and contact him at charles@clovepress.com if you would like a customized Sculpted Strata Vision.